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MARE Conference 2017: Dealing with maritime mobilities

International conferentie over de mobiliteit op oceanen zoals met schepen, toeristen, geld, informatie, en niet te vergeten de waterstromen zelf.

Maritime activities – such as fishing, navigation, and cruise tourism – are characterised by movement and flow. Such mobility includes people and ships, but also things such as capital and information, not to forget the fluid ocean itself.

It takes place within but also across and beyond national boundaries, often defying the orderly governance arrangements we have put in place.

The 9th People and the Sea conference will explore the nature of maritime mobilities and the ways climate and environmental change, economic development and maritime activities are affecting their direction and volume.

Topics to be addressed are: How are maritime mobilities linked and regulated? What are the distributional effects for different maritime activities, and coastal and port communities? How to design innovative governance arrangements that can foster sustainable maritime mobilities?

In addition to the conference theme ‘Dealing with mobilities’, the conference is open to those with other thematic interests relating to people and the sea. These interests are included in the other five streams, but do not hesitate to apply, even if your topic does not fit neatly into one of them.

(Waterforum Online)